Cristal Martinez

Website Designer

Cristal is originally from the bay area and has always been passionate about the ocean for as long as she can remember. Her favorite animal is the orca and she hopes to someday see these magnificent creatures in person. She was very grateful for the opportunity to help collect data on whale watching trips for Monterey Bay Whale Watch as an intern back in January. She has gained experience in website design for the past 4 years and was honored to design the website for the California Killer Whale Project.

Cristal’s goal for CKWP is to spread population awareness of Orcas throughout California, other parts of the U.S., and perhaps even the world.
  • Created and designed the website
  • Interned at Monterey Bay Whale Watch collected data on cetaceans and porpoises in the Monterey Coast.
  • Input data into MBWW data sheets
  • Graduate from CSU; Monterey Bay with a major in Biology, and a concentration in Ecology, Environment, & Organismal.